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Articolo ospite-Il viaggio delle amiche-a cura di Gaya

THE FRIENDS’ JOURNEY. This painting, which is very naive, was designed to keep Cate company during the night, in fact the moon, the boat and the shells have been painted with a fluorescent pigment! There are various symbolisms linked to the moon and the blue mantle, dolphins and shells, but an artist never says too much 🙂 But the main symbolism is that of life as a voyage, in which Cate is represented as a mermaid, given her special relationship with water and swimming, and we, armed with a simple boat, but with a meaningful name (the collage from which the boat is made is taken from an article on Pink Floyd’s album “Atom Heart Mother”, which I love very much), go along with her on this magical and sometimes mysterious voyage… Under a special protection and guidance 🐬🌛

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Although this is not a good time, as we know, because of the death of Casper, at least we were able to organize the first reunion (after three years!) because of Covid, and other events … where we finally managed to bring together all the friends, (Including Sabrina), and it was a really nice day and a distraction we really wanted!!! Thank you all for participating, and we hope soon to be able to repeat (this time husbands and children stayed home but we will do it again!)

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Tanti auguri a Marcel

E oggi,celebriamo,oltre a Halloween ,il quinto compleanno di Marcello !sta diventando proprio grande!!tanti auguri 🎁

And today,it’s another special day infact we are celebrating Marcel’s 5th birthday!!many best wishes

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Ricetta ospite-polpettone vegetariano da Bruno e Mitzy

In forno 20minuti fuoco vivace , girare , altri 20 minuti
Buon appetito

Vegetable meatloaf Ingredients 2 small carrots 2 small courgettes 1 potato 1 egg 2 tablespoons of chickpea flour Salt Pepper Nutmeg Parmesan cheese Breadcrumbs

In the oven 20 minutes over a high heat, turn, another 20minutes. Enjoy your meal.

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Un agosto intenso ,ma piacevole!

Come ben sapete,ha fatto molto caldo,ma abbiamo speso molto bene il tempo,tra passeggiate,nuotate in piscina,lo scartamento dei regali,uscite nei vari ristoranti.Purtroppo quest’anno dato il periodo di ferie,non ci sono stati i cavalli,ma si rifaranno quanto prima!!

Also this year, from 11 to 19 August we had the pleasant company of grandchildren-have been about two weeks-as you know, it was very hot, but we spent very well the time, including walks, swimming in the pool, the unwrapping of gifts, outputs in various restaurants. Unfortunately, this year given the vacation season, there were no horses, but we will make up as soon as possible!

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Zia Nella in trasferta

Dal 10al 21 luglio,abbiamo avuto l’onore di poter ospitare la cara zia Nella-Anche se in quella settimana,il tempo è stato più fresco del solito,abbiamo goduto al massimo,la presenza di zia nella-Finalmente le ho potuto mostrare come nuoto,e abbiamo potuto fare qualche gita fuori porta,come al mercato centro commerciale,e ristorante-questa volta non ci sono state visite,la prossima vedremo!!Arrivederci😘☺️

From July 10 to 21, we had the honor of being able to host dear Aunt Nella-Although in that week, the weather was cooler than usual, we enjoyed to the fullest, the presence of Aunt Nella-Finally I was able to show her how I swim, and we were able to take a few trips out of town, such as to the market mall, and restaurant-this time there were no visits, the next we will see!!!Goodbye😘☺️

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Si riapre!!!

Finally, for some time now, the Zappalà house has reopened its doors, and we have started to see people – Suzy has come, of whom I unfortunately do not have a photo, Elena, so we finally got to meet Alessandro Giulia with Sabina, and last weekend we were visited by Tony with Marcello – (obviously with due caution) who will be next?! Follow us and you will find out!

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Nido di Tortore

This spring, we hosted in our garden, a couple of turtle doves-so little by little, once discovered, we became fond of them, and once discovered, every time we went out from far away, we kept an eye on them, not to scare them away-they made the nest on the palm tree, (right next to where we eat out, so we had to be careful) they stayed there long enough, about 2 months at least-we could observe their movements, and the “wars” with other birds!!!Three puppies were born, and they sadly left yesterday – I wonder if they’ll come back to nest again sooner or later!

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Ora della piscina !!!

L’altro ieri,finalmente,dopo due anni e mezzo,ho finalmente potuto rivedere e prendere i primi contatti ,con la piscina !!

È stato molto bello,rientrare in acqua dopo così tanto tempo!!!

Certo,mi devo abituare alla nuova situazione,ma sono sicura che a poco a poco c’è la farò!!!

Per L’occasione,la parrucchiera è venuta,e ho finalmente potuto tagliare i capelli!!

The day before yesterday, after two and a half years, I was finally able to see and make my first contacts with the pool! It was very nice to get back in the water after such a long time! Of course, I have to get used to the new situation, but I’m sure that little by little I will make it!!! For the occasion, the hairdresser came, and I could finally cut my hair!! Let’s hope that this is the beginning of a new chapter more positive and serene for everyone!