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Passeggiata a Valmontone

Ieri siamo dovuti andare a Palestrina,per ritirare il nuovo busto,e così mentre abbiamo dovuto aspettare per il ritiro,ne abbiamo approfittato,per andare in un centro commerciale (outlet )li vicino che era da un po’ di tempo che non ci andavamo-anche se il tempo non era dei migliori,non ha piovuto anche se era nuvoloso.Io ho preso degli occhiali da sole,e una giacca viola(che si vede in foto)Yesterday we had to go to Palestrina, to pick up the new bust, and so while we had to wait for the collection, we took the opportunity to go to a mall (outlet) nearby that was a while since we went there-although the weather was not the best, it did not rain even if it was cloudy. I took some sunglasses, and one jacket already there is purple (which you can see in the picture)

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Marzo tempo matto

For us, February and March have been fairly quiet, with the usual routine activities, i.e. swimming pool, sunbathing when possible, shopping centre, then various visits to get the car fixed, which I’ll show you later-Thursday the hairdresser came and I got my hair cut-The weather in February and March so far has been much colder than January, in fact we’ve often had a cold wind, even if it’s sunny-In fact, the turtledoves had started to nest, but since yesterday they’re no longer there, evidently they’ll be back later-what’s the weather like there?

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Giorni della merla

The days of the blackbird, 29, 30, 31 January and 1 February, are known as ‘the days of the blackbird’. According to legend, blackbirds used to have white plumage. It happened that, during a particularly cold year, a blackbird and its chicks flew in search of food, without finding any. It took refuge in a tree, and then to find shelter from a great snowfall, under an eaves. But the storm was raging. So, in order to find a milder shelter, the little family hid in a chimney from which smoke and warmth came. When they re-emerged on the first of February, they found a good and a bad surprise. The good one was a warm sun that had finally come out to warm them up. The bad news was that their plumage had changed colour and become black from soot.-In this period we are having quite cold days-hopefully it means that we should fer Nice spring-what us the weather with you?

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Articolo ospite-Il viaggio delle amiche-a cura di Gaya

THE FRIENDS’ JOURNEY. This painting, which is very naive, was designed to keep Cate company during the night, in fact the moon, the boat and the shells have been painted with a fluorescent pigment! There are various symbolisms linked to the moon and the blue mantle, dolphins and shells, but an artist never says too much 🙂 But the main symbolism is that of life as a voyage, in which Cate is represented as a mermaid, given her special relationship with water and swimming, and we, armed with a simple boat, but with a meaningful name (the collage from which the boat is made is taken from an article on Pink Floyd’s album “Atom Heart Mother”, which I love very much), go along with her on this magical and sometimes mysterious voyage… Under a special protection and guidance 🐬🌛

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Although this is not a good time, as we know, because of the death of Casper, at least we were able to organize the first reunion (after three years!) because of Covid, and other events … where we finally managed to bring together all the friends, (Including Sabrina), and it was a really nice day and a distraction we really wanted!!! Thank you all for participating, and we hope soon to be able to repeat (this time husbands and children stayed home but we will do it again!)

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Tanti auguri a Marcel

E oggi,celebriamo,oltre a Halloween ,il quinto compleanno di Marcello !sta diventando proprio grande!!tanti auguri 🎁

And today,it’s another special day infact we are celebrating Marcel’s 5th birthday!!many best wishes

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Un agosto intenso ,ma piacevole!

Come ben sapete,ha fatto molto caldo,ma abbiamo speso molto bene il tempo,tra passeggiate,nuotate in piscina,lo scartamento dei regali,uscite nei vari ristoranti.Purtroppo quest’anno dato il periodo di ferie,non ci sono stati i cavalli,ma si rifaranno quanto prima!!

Also this year, from 11 to 19 August we had the pleasant company of grandchildren-have been about two weeks-as you know, it was very hot, but we spent very well the time, including walks, swimming in the pool, the unwrapping of gifts, outputs in various restaurants. Unfortunately, this year given the vacation season, there were no horses, but we will make up as soon as possible!

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Natale in vacanza..oppure no..

Come ben sapete, quest’annata tutti abbiamo passato le feste sotto tono, per le restrizioni anticovid-

Io le ho passate ancora in maniera diversa,in Ospedale -Come ben sapete la ferita al gluteo è ben guarita ,ma è rimasta la ferita al tallone.Sono Rimasta in ospedale un mese e mezzo(prima con un macchinario chiamato vac dovevo togliere l’iniezione,poi l’operazione)-Stavolta per le norme anti Covid Zia nella non ha potuto raggiungerci, ma mamma che e’rimasta sempre con me anche di notte,si sono dati il cambio-☺️🙏Dato le rigide norme anti covid(I miei dovevano fare il tampone ogni 5giorni)-Non potevo avere visite “reali” ma sono stata in continuo contatto con parenti e amici.Gaya ha fatto anche una mini visita,a portarmi un regalino e a prendersi il calendario!!

Ora sono tornata a casa -sto avendo una medicazione ogni tre giorni, e la ferita si sta rimarginando sempre di più-Con il bel tempo in arrivo speriamo di poter riprendere a poco a poco le normali attività-Casper è stato ben curato,ma è stato ugualmente depresso e triste per la nostra mancanza, ma ora si sta riprendendo-

As you know, this year we all spent the festive season under the weather, due to the anti-COVID restrictions.

As you know, the wound on the buttocks has healed well, but the wound on the heel has remained. I stayed in hospital for a month and a half (first with a machine called vac I had to remove the injection,then the operation)-This time due to the anti covid rules Aunty Nella couldn’t join us,but Mum who stayed with me all the time even at night,they took over-☺️🙏Due to the strict anti covid rules(My parents had to have a swab every 5 days)-I couldn’t have “real” visits but I was in constant contact with relatives and friends. Gaya even had a mini visit,to bring me a little present and get the calendar!!!Casper was well being after,but nonetheless he was depressed and sad-now we’re back home he is happy again

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Auguri di buon natale

Il blog “il Mondo di Cate”auguri a tutti voi,e alle vostre famiglie un buon natale -vi mando anche un piccolo regalo,il nostro calendario-

the blog “Il mondo di Cate wishes you and your family a merry Christmas calendario

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Benvenuto Alessandro

Oggi diamo il benvenuto a Alessandro , figlio della mia amica Elena, nonostante questo anno complicato !(nato il 3ottobre) Non vediamo l’ora di conoscerti!!

and today we welcome Alessandro, son of my dear friend Elena-Even though in this strange year,she made a wonderful job! Can’t wait to meet you!!

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Questo 2020 di certo non c’è lo scorderemo tanto in fretta e soprattutto agosto non è stato un mese qualunque da molti punti di vista! Comunque abbiamo avuto lo stesso il piacere, di ospitare la nostra cara Zia Nella, che è rimasta con noi per tutto il mese.
Come sapete bene, sono stata ricoverata quasi un mese alla clinica Villa Margherita perché sono stata seriamente operata-

Dato le norme molto severe per il Covid, (ho dovuto fare anche il tampone) i visitatori dovevano darsi il turno per entrare in camera (non si poteva stare più di 2 in camera), quindi il più delle volte durante i pomeriggi, zia stava con me, e mamma rientrava la sera e stava con me di notte, e la mattina-.Gaya e Caterina mi sono venute a trovare e le ringrazio.
Con altre amiche e parenti siamo stati sempre in contatto via telefono e videochats!

sono rientrata a casa il 24agosto e zia è partita il 3 settembre.
Devo dire che i dottori e la maggior parte di infermieri\infermiere sono stati molto professionali e …simpatici! Un grazie anche per loro!Anche un ringraziamento ai genitori !!

Casper è stato molto triste durante la mia assenza, ma zia ha supplito molto bene,e sta recuperando il tempo perso.

Adesso ho ripreso a fare la maggioranza dei movimenti, e mi posso muovere di più e posso, un po’ alla volta, finalmente riprendere sole!! Ancora non riesco a nuotare però per via della ferita del tallone..speriamo presto..

speriamo presto di riprendere la “vita normale “con piscina uscite vita sociale

This 2020 won’t be forgotten in a hurry-
This August,in spite of Covid restrictions, we had  the pleasure to have zia Nella with us once again- 
As you know I was hospitalised during august, for a serious operation.

Due to the various strict hospital rules, only one max 2 people were allowed into the room-During the day,(in the afternoons) since we couldn’t stay all in the same room, mom and dad often went home while zia stayed with me,  and mom came back for the night,and mornings –
During this period,Gaya and Caterina came to visit , and it was nice to see them, thanks a lot.
With other friends and relatives I kept in touch by phone or video chats.
I must also say that doctors and nurses in hospital were very professional and kind, and I thank them too.Of course I would like to thanks also mum and dad
I came back home the 24 th of August and zia left on the 3rd of September.

Casper had been very down during this period, but I was checking on him constantly via Zia Nella.

I have now recuperated most movements, but still can’t swim for the heel wound: hopefully soon!!
hopefully soon we can restart ‘normal life ‘With pool, friends, outings etc-I will keep you updated