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Articolo ospite-Il viaggio delle amiche-a cura di Gaya

THE FRIENDS’ JOURNEY. This painting, which is very naive, was designed to keep Cate company during the night, in fact the moon, the boat and the shells have been painted with a fluorescent pigment! There are various symbolisms linked to the moon and the blue mantle, dolphins and shells, but an artist never says too much 🙂 But the main symbolism is that of life as a voyage, in which Cate is represented as a mermaid, given her special relationship with water and swimming, and we, armed with a simple boat, but with a meaningful name (the collage from which the boat is made is taken from an article on Pink Floyd’s album “Atom Heart Mother”, which I love very much), go along with her on this magical and sometimes mysterious voyage… Under a special protection and guidance 🐬🌛

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Although this is not a good time, as we know, because of the death of Casper, at least we were able to organize the first reunion (after three years!) because of Covid, and other events … where we finally managed to bring together all the friends, (Including Sabrina), and it was a really nice day and a distraction we really wanted!!! Thank you all for participating, and we hope soon to be able to repeat (this time husbands and children stayed home but we will do it again!)